Castle Carfax has moved

Four months after I got my job at Reading University, I’ve finally found somewhere to live in Reading, bought it, and moved in. A week after moving day, I’m surrounded by cardboard boxes, and my sitting room and office are still covered in assorted computer cables, but at least I have a kitchen I can (just) cook in*, a bed I can sleep in, and a sofa I can sit on. Everything else is optional right now. :)

My main gripe at the moment is the stupidly long wait to get ADSL. If the gas company took that long to switch over between customers and/or suppliers, there’d be questions in the Commons. But BT seems to be able to get away with it. I suspect that they have some effective voodoo men who just leap up and down and shake their rattles and scream “technology! complicated!” and all the people who should be asking questions go away, sated with the illusion that it’s all too hard for them to understand.

* Things are still a bit untidy, and I haven’t worked out where to store everything yet, so space for cooking is a little cramped.