Dear Eclipse,

I’ve set my preferences on your system to not receive marketing mails. Therefore, it seems strange to get an email from your marketing manager telling me this fact, which I know very well, and telling me that I could get all sorts of marketing mails if I signed up for them.

Maybe the fact that I’ve asked not to get mails from your marketing department is that, oh, I don’t know, I don’t want them? All I want from your company is a pipe to connect my computers at home to the Internet. If I ever feel pressed for the lack of mail hosting, anti-spam measures, web hosting, or anything else, I may possibly come to your website to look for it. I know you exist – you send me a bill every month, so I’m not likely to forget. In the mean time, please naff off and let me use your services in peace.

Love, Hugo.

From: Eclipse Internet 
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 09:23:37 +0100
Subject: Keep in touch with news from Eclipse

Keep in touch with news from Eclipse Internet

Dear Customer

We're constantly working hard to improve the products and services that we offer
to make sure you have broadband that's both reliable and gives you the best
possible speeds.

We've noticed that you've opted to not receive further communication from
Eclipse and so may be unaware of our latest improvements.

Benefits of subscribing to Eclipse communications include:
- keep up to date with new products and services
- save money with offers and promotions
- find out how you can benefit from our improvements

If you would like to receive future communications from Eclipse please

Kind regards

Mark Thomas
Head of Sales and Marketing

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