The Crossword Machine


Yeth, marthter?

Must you do that?

Thorry, marthter, induthtrial ackthident.

I did tell you not to drink the green one. Anyway, how did the brain do with this morning’s crossword?

Here’th the report from the gnometh in the thellar levelth of the carthle, marthter.

Ah, smooth running, I see. Good. It spotted 21 as an old friend, good, so the crossword-association linkage is doing well. I don’t like that delay on 9D, though. Have you properly tightened the limbic straps, Igor?

Yeth, thir. Tightened them latht night.

And… oh dear, oh dear, this will never do. 16D… what happened on 16D? Do you have the debugging report for that?

Thorry, thir, I picked the thpiderth off it thith morning, but I didn’t have time to write the debugging report, what with cooking breakfatht ath well.

Dammit, Igor! Now we’ll never know why the brain seized up again. Why is there always one clue left at the end? I need to distract myself from this problem… bring me the ourang-outang, the Wimshurst machine, a 5/16ths spanner, and a glass of chartreuse. I shall work in the small hall: have the ferret cages cleared out of there within the hour!

Crossword: 13535